I'll never vote for another

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Get Involved!

  • Know who your senators and representatives are, then constantly write and call them to keep them honest. Let them know that when they support Obama they are not serving the best interests of the United States. Obama and the Democrats are Socialist; don't forget it, and don't let your members of Congress forget it, either.
  • Get involved with the Republican Party. Find out who is running for the House and Senate from your state and support them! If your State and local governments are having elections in 2016, support the Republicans (conservatives if non-partisan elections are held in your locality). Use your voice and your pen to keep the Republican Party conservative. There may be other good conservatives among smaller parties, but our best opportunity to make a difference is through the G.O.P.
  • Hold the Republicans in Washington and your State accountable after they are elected and do not let them sell out to the Democrats.
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Did You Know...

...that there is one admitted socialist in Congress? Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) is a self-described "democratic socialist," the first to be elected to the Senate. (Two problems: 1) "Democratic socialist" is more oxymoronic than "hamburger steak" and "jumbo shrimp" combined; 2) Democrats aren't even honest enough to admit how socialist they have become.)

...the Democratic Party used to be called the "Republican" Party? Thomas Jefferson and James Madison began the Democratic-Republican Party in the 1790s in opposition to Alexander Hamilton and John Adams' Federalists. Party supporters often called themselves the Republicans in the early years, but began calling themselves Democrats about the time of President Andrew Jackson.

...the modern Republican Party began in 1854 with the main purpose of ending slavery? It only took them six years to elect a Republican president, Abraham Lincoln.

I'll Never Vote for Another Democrat!

I have had enough of Beltway, Hollywood, and media elites who think they own this country; haven't you? Worse yet, because they have such control over the media, they think they alone have the right to tell you and me what is right and wrong, how to vote, and even what to think! PREPOSTEROUS! We the people have spoken! In the November 2014 elections, we told Obama and his Socialist minions just what we think of them. We elected a Republican majority in the Senate, increased the GOP majority in the US House of Representatives, and also elected Republican majorities in even more State legislatures. However, the socialist Democrats still act as if they own this country by obstructing meaningful reform in the Senate. We let them off the hook in 2012 when we let Obama win a second term. Let's show them who's the boss!

Click here to buy the Unite with me and throw the rest of the Democrats out of power! The socialist Democrats are still trying to take away the freedoms of those they disagree with. They have already socialized GM, Chrysler, the health care industry, and the financial sector. They are still using the Gulf Oil Spill and so-called "green energy initiatives," and blocking the Keystone Pipeline, to pacify radical environmentalists, ram energy controls down our throats and want to make us pay $5 or more per gallon of gasoline again. They're trying to label anyone they hate (Republicans, especially Christians, Tea Partiers, black conservatives, and former Democrats, just to name a few) as "racist," "extremist," or some other lie to deceive the country or mobilize the radical fringe. They are spewing out Marxist regulations against both the First and Second Amendments under the guise of "international trade." They'll try to shut down conservative talk radio or neutralize it with some so-called "equal time" or "fairness" doctrine. They are using the IRS to silence the people, and trying to get the FCC into the newsroom to censor the media. They might even try to censor or tax the Internet. If you don't agree with them, you're an "enemy of the state." These are exactly the totalitarian tactics employed by Lenin, Stalin and Castro, and you can be sure the radical liberals will try them on those of us who dare to speak out against them.

Now that they have spent our country into massive debt, Obama and Reid assume they have a mandate to force you to "share your wealth." They have the audacity to say that if you oppose their "wealth redistribution plan" of higher taxes you are "selfish." If you accuse them of being the Socialists that they are, you are participating in "McCarthyism."

How did the Democrats become Socialists?

The Democratic Party began as a conservative movement. Thomas Jefferson and James Madison formed the Democratic-Republican Party in the early years of our constitutional system on the basis of limited government, a strict interpretation of the Constitution, and most powers and rights reserved to the States and to the people. For over 100 years, the Democratic Party was the party of the people.

However, the so-called "Progressive Movement" (a euphemism for socialism) entered the Democratic Party in the late 1800s, and since then the Democrats have been moving leftward. It was Democrats who proposed the constitutional amendment legalizing the income tax in 1913. Woodrow Wilson, the first "progressive" President, attempted to socialize the nation and the world during his administration, but the American people rejected it after the First World War was over. "Progressives" went undercover through the Twenties, and took advantage of the Great Depression to come out in force, recasting themselves as "liberals" who could fix the problems facing the nation (sound familiar?). They nominated Franklin D. Roosevelt for President in 1932, and rode disenchantment and despair right into power in Washington. FDR's "New Deal" opened the door to socialism and we've never fully been able to slam the door shut since. Under the guise of "recovery," FDR pushed through program after program that took liberty away from the people and the states and gave more power to the federal government. The Federal bureaucracy mushroomed but failed to end the Depression. The people of America ended the Depression when they mobilized the country to fight World War II.

Unfortunately for America, the Republicans were also liberal with regard to the Constitution for most of the 19th and 20th Centuries. With few conservatives in positions to oppose them, the Democrats were able to push their socialist agenda through Congress for many years. The income tax was intended to be a small, temporary, wartime measure, but it has become the linchpin of the socialist policies of the Democrats. No matter what name you give it, the income tax is nothing more than Marx's desire for the redistribution of wealth from the rich to the "working class."